Managed Software Service

Strata Health provisions a managed software service that is hosted from a Tier-Three Data Centre.

Software as a Managed Service

Tier three data centres have fully redundant site infrastructure and multiple independent distribution paths serving all equipment. Off site backup and disaster recovery processes ensure application availability is maximized and business continuity risks are very low. Physical access to data centres is strictly controlled using biometric authentication protocols. User access is controlled by a role based permission model. All system activity is fully logged and auditable.

Each customer is hosted on an independent, isolated instance of the software service. This ensures data security and privacy and also allows customers to decide when they will accept new versions of Strata software. The application itself is modular allowing for quick deployments, minimizing any service interruption.

Strata Health’s Managed Service Includes:

  • Provisioning all required hardware and Strata + 3rd party software
  • Deploying and configuring hardware and software
  • Monitoring and managing hardware and software
  • Managing production, training, and QA environments
  • Deploying software versions and updates
  • Custom configuring software
  • Reporting on SLAs
  • Providing Unlimited User Support


Strata Health’s applications are three-tiered modular applications which allows flexibility in how the service is scaled up to meet increasing service demand. All of the physical hardware is virtualized making it easy to create additional web server and application instances, or to adjust the amount of resources allocated to those instances. Strata Health deploys database appliances for larger customers because additional cores can be enabled as service demand increases.