Strata Health delivers world-class Software as a Service (SaaS) using best of breed technologies across a three-tier Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Strata PathWays™

Software services are delivered through the Web-Server Tier using scalable web applications that are securely accessed from the public internet or private health networks.

The Application Tier applies business logic to user defined workflows through a set of loosely coupled, self-contained application services. These services are exposed through an easy to use public API that allows users to interact directly with Strata Health resources and tools. All data, including patient demographics, clinical profile, service provider, user, and application data are stored and managed in the Database Tier.

Strata Connect™patient-journey

Integration Services are delivered independently from Strata PathWays™ through Strata Connect™ a fully standalone integration engine. Connect™ allows integration services to be monitored, managed, deployed and updated without incurring user downtime. Strata Connect™ has been used to integrate with Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Scheduling Systems, Directories, and Registries. It is also used to implement Single Sign On (SSO) between up and downstream systems. Strata Connect™ interfaces with Strata PathWays™ through a published API.

Strata IQ™

Strata Health provides Business Intelligence and Data Analytics capabilities with the Strata IQ™ Product, which is a stand alone data analytics engine engineered expressly to deliver dynamic patient flow data interpretation. Through a set of drillable dashboards, insight is derived into health system utilization, wait time analysis, and opportunities for improvement.