Strata Reconciliation™

Strata Community Reconciliation Solution™ helps administrators balance requests for professional patient services and medical equipment with vendor contracts and available funding.

Streamline Service Requests While Balancing Budgets

Strata Reconciliation™ is used in:

Home Care:

Strata Reconciliation™ queues service requests to providers in real-time and streamlines billing reconciliation. Administrators can view a tabulated comparison of authorized service hours against hours delivered. Strata Reconciliation™ assists health jurisdictions analyze existing contracts with Home Care vendors, manage unmet need and support future resource planning.

Alberta Health Services uses this option. Calgary, Canada currently manages more than two million Home Care service hours through Strata Reconciliation™ .

Professional Community Services:

Strata Reconciliation™ automates management of community professional services, such as physiotherapy clinics, that are funded within a health jurisdiction. Administrators can monitor and track publicly funded treatments, view statistics and review reporting that summarizes activity.

Medical Equipment Services:

Strata Reconciliation™ automates funding approval and billing reconciliation for renting and purchasing medical and rehabilitation equipment within a health jurisdiction. Now, administrators no longer need audits to discover if the system has been over-billed for medical equipment.