Strata IQ™

Reveals trends across an entire health care system based on real data. Administrators can use these insights to develop proactive quality improvement strategies that increase performance.

Big picture clarity with granular details

Healthcare leaders with a complete picture of referral data in real time can better monitor trends and make adjustments.

Strata IQ™ serves as a lens into this data. Managers can easily understand and analyse data through a configurable on-screen real time dashboard, and drill through the data from an executive to a more granular level. Managers can quickly see where there are issues in the referral process, such as long waiting times, declined referral and excessive processing times. Executives can assess the capacity of the healthcare system and understand how resources are allocated. Administrators can access their analytics in real time, adapt to trends and better meet key performance indicators.

With Strata IQ™, healthcare providers can now take the temperature across their entire organisation, anytime. Commissioners can get a view, system wide to see emerging gaps in service and commission ahead of the curve.

What our customers are saying

“Strata IQ™has served to improve our daily decision making regarding patient placements and strategic decisions. Strata IQ™ assists us in understanding our challenges and provides feedback every step of the journey towards successful patient outcomes.””

Keith M.,
Director of Business Development and Contracts


What Our Customers Are Saying