Strata Connect™

Strata Connect™ helps ensure healthcare technology systems are interoperable, reducing operating inefficiencies and making it more likely clinicians will adopt and use systems. This interoperability is not only at the data sharing level, but enables dynamic interoperability of clinical workflows once linked with Strata PathWays™

Strata Connect™ is a powerful stand-alone integration engine that allows the seamless integration of Strata PathWays™ into the native workflow of any health information system. Administrators can curtail the added cost, time and effort to develop and maintain specific interfaces directly into Strata PathWays™. Strata Connect™ enables PathWays™ to function at all times, even during modifications to the integration interface. Strata Connect™ also has an existing catalogue of interfaces that can be quickly incorporated with little effort or cost.

Strata Connect™ allows healthcare organisations to achieve interoperability while reducing long-term integration costs and downtime.