Liverpool City Region goes digital to manage Domiciliary Care

A Tripartite of councils including Knowsley, Sefton and Liverpool City Council have embarked on a pilot project to digitize how they manage care at home services delivered across their sub-region in North Merseyside. The pilot project, funded by the Local Government Association, will use a cloud-based Patient Flow and eReferral system called Strata PathWaysTM which is supplied by Strata Health. Strata PathWaysTM allows social care teams to use a single system to quickly match the social care needs of service users to appropriate domiciliary care services. The project objective will be to digitize processes to allow the councils’ domiciliary care providers to catalogue the availability of their care at home services. Strata PathWaysTM will integrate with council Social Care systems to identify who needs care packages, and then will match the service-users specific requirements to what is available from a live directory of services. It will eventually lead to much faster processes for service users accessing the most appropriate care and support, thus freeing up hospital beds and other resources across the health and care system.

Across the North Mersey sub region, demographic pressures, a growing elderly population, fiscal constraints and below average national, regional and sub-regional health outcomes are placing significant pressure on both the health and social care systems.

People in the sub region are living longer but not necessarily healthier lives. Care is not always joined up around the person, particularly for frail elderly people; and too many people are still going into hospital when they would be better cared for at home.

By 2021 health and social care services across the Knowsley, Sefton and Liverpool City Council areas will be delivered around customer needs and not organizational form. This is a key strategy of the Liverpool City Region which aims to develop much greater collaboration across health and social care providers in Liverpool.

A key objective is to make the provision of health and care services seamless and easy to access at the point of delivery. By doing this it will:

• Place people and families at the heart of the care system to provide the most effective pathway for individuals, children and young people;

• Focus more on prevention and early intervention to stop people and families getting ill in the first place;

• Keep people and families as independent as possible for as long as possible, and maximize the opportunities for self-care; and

• Optimize community resiliency and the voluntary and private sector to manage all appropriate health, wellbeing and social care needs out of hospital, thus reducing inappropriate hospital attendance and admission.

In time, it is hoped that this pilot will link to a number of other projects that will see the system being used across Knowsley, Liverpool and Sefton to manage all out-of-hospital services. This would create a live, dynamic directory of services to include all resources across public and private sector care homes and nursing homes, day care centres, other NHS services as well as charity, third sector and social prescribing providers. Strata PathWaysTM is a whole system collaboration solution that when linked to in-house health and care systems can deliver unsurpassed levels of communication and information sharing across all health and care stakeholders. This would bring huge operational efficiencies, significant cost savings and improvement in patient outcomes.

“By making available care pathways and resources more visible we will greatly contribute to freeing up acute beds by making the most appropriate care packages available as soon as possible. This should greatly contribute to bed availability and reductions in waiting times across health and care services in Knowsley, Liverpool and Sefton.”

Jonny Keville – Liverpool City Council



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