The Challenge

Hospital staff deal with high volume and high pressure. Ensuring smooth and safe transitions both into and out of their care is of paramount importance. Most referral processes are highly manual, involving faxes and phone calls that impede clinicians from providing patient care.

The Solution

Strata PathWaysTM helps ensure safe discharge, either to a more appropriate facility, or home with support. Inbound, Strata PathWaysTM encourages complete and appropriate referrals. These referrals can link back to the source of truth schedule, so the referrer can keep up-to-date on the transition. This reduces the risks in transitioning patients between organizations and streamlines the inefficient manual process, while providing a single source of truth for all stakeholders.

Capture Provider Profiles

Strata PathWaysTM applies inclusion and exclusion criteria in recommending the most appropriate services and vacancies for patients.  Providers are empowered to identify these, as well as define specific vacancy criteria, as they become available.

Complete Patient Records

Strata PathWays’TM configurable minimum data set ensures complete information gets shared between stakeholders. Role based permissions ensure that only salient information gets presented.

Action the Transition

Staff can system navigate outbound referrals, or manage incoming referrals (triage) and associated bookings (schedule), all within a single tool that also allows bi-directional communication from sender to receiver.

How it Works

1. Determine Patient Needs

- Integrate to existing systems
- Collect information on patients
- Complete assessments

2. Match Client Needs to Available & Appropriate Resources

- Clients care needs are matched against services offered by providers
- Wait times are displayed to assist with decision making
- Multiple factors can be considered (eg Priority, Choice, location, etc)
- Where appropriate, allow referrer to book into receiving service in real-time, with no need to wait for response

3. Automate the Referral / Waitlisting Process

- Automate and manage all communication
- Track all referral status’
- Display complete referral lifecycle to all stakeholders

4. Report Outcomes

- Track referral wait times
- Measure service utilization
- Determine & Action process delays

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