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Strata Health continues to work with healthcare providers to change things for the better

Strata Health continues to work with healthcare providers to change things for the better; achieving greater operating efficiencies; increased productivity; and more positive outcomes for patients through intelligent electronic management of patient transitions into the right care, at the right time.

Strata Health was formed over a decade ago by healthcare and business professionals committed to finding a way of using technology to manage the flow of patients into and across the care continuum. To this day, caregivers continue to be taken away from caring for patients to coordinate care transitions manually by phone, fax and email. They’re often working with an incomplete picture of their patients’ statuses, and even fewer relevant details about available referral options. It is an inefficient process, prone to error. Patients, caregivers and the healthcare system all suffer as a result.

Working with healthcare leaders, clinicians, and IT specialists, Strata Health has pioneered the development of powerful software tools that have revolutionise patient flow, benefiting patients, caregivers and healthcare organisations alike. Today, our proprietary intelligent referral technology has positive effects right through the care system – we make beds and referral options available sooner. Primary care physicians can better match their patient to an available specialist or programme and specialist referrals happen sooner. Waiting times for emergency care are cut. Patients are transferred from accident and emergency faster. Patients, when they’re assessed ready for discharge, are provided optimal out of hospital care sooner. Hospital readmissions because of discharge to inappropriate care options are reduced. Healthcare professionals spend less time doing paperwork, and have more time to actually care for their patients.

We judge ourselves by the quality of the organisations and leaders who have chosen to entrust their patient flow management to Strata Health products and consulting. Strata Health Corporate Overview.

Strata Health is a proud member of the ECHAlliance logoThe European Connected Health Alliance.

The European Connected Health Alliance delivers leadership for the development of Connected and mHealth markets and practice across Europe. The ECHAlliance and Strata Health Ltd work together at a strategic level to promote connected health initiatives.

We are proud to have as clients — and partners — these leaders in public health care: