Mission, Vision & Values

Core Purpose Why we exist.

To deliver critical change in patient flow practices — achieving real and dramatic benefits for patients, their families and the world’s devoted front line caregivers.

Vision Where are we going.

To be the global patient flow logistics thought and delivery leader, as judged by the leading Health Care organizations, clients and individuals who choose to partner with us.

Mission What we do every day to get there.

We campaign for improvement. We listen. We partner and create. We coach. We implement with empathy and excellence. We stand at the ready to be of value to our Stakeholders.

Values What we believe in, our principles.

We have intense respect for those who devote themselves to caring for others. We have empathy for those who need care. We are dependable and accountable. We are passionate, dedicated and sincere. We conduct business with integrity. We value innovation, passion and teamwork.

Position How we are different.

We really do deliver.

Positioning Statement How we say we are different.


Character How we act, our voice.

Optimistic | Focused & Decisive | Responsive & Agile | Friendly & Fun